About us

Who we are

We are a team of game developers and gamers, who are frustrated by intrusive ads, such as interstitials, popups and video ads.

Why ads suck

Ads, when done badly, can lose friends and alienate people. They can make the gameplay more fragmented and less seamless. They can also result in bad reviews and lower retention.

Our mission

To make freemium games more fun and to delight players.

Validated by gamers

In addition to private investment, we are funded and supported by gamers via crowdfunding.

No Jargon

We like to speak in plain English and not advertising jargon.


"A non-disruptive, friendly and very nice way of actually monetising a game."

- Peter Lorenz, Former Jagex VP of Business Development

"A win-win-win that helps you win"

Please note that all views and opinions expressed herein represent only the individual’s and not their previous or current employers.

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