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  • BRANDS: Engage gamers and build brand loyalty by automatically offering in-game gifts, power-ups and discount coupons.
  • GAME PUBLISHERS: Earn money by allowing existing in-game items as gifts. Natural, non-intrusive and easy to implement.
  • AGENCIES: Get your Brands and Game Publishers on board to engage gamers effectively and naturally.

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is a patent pending in-game advertising service where brands give in-game benefits as gifts to players to create loyalty and long-term relationships, as well as increase player engagement and retention.

Each gift contains:

Sometimes gamers get frustrated or stuck on a game. They may begrudgingly make an in-app purchase, but only 1.5% of players do so (Swrve, 2014). Other advertising solutions can be intrusive and ruin the gaming experience for the gamer. As a result, some gamers stop playing - which means the advertiser has lost a valuable communication channel and the game publisher has lost a loyal customer.

We make gamers love both the brand and the game by allowing brands to help the gamers with a surprise gift, which contains a virtual in-game item, power-ups, etc. A gift is a nice surprise for gamers and creates curiosity and excitement.

How does it work?

First brands and game companies choose each other After the game publisher has integrated giftgaming into the game, the player sees an icon occasionally - touching this shows that the gift is from a brand, and gives the player a powerup (and optionally, a coupon)

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giftgaming was a finalist in Digital Innovation Contest 2014: Smart tools for brand loyalty in partnership with Procter and Gamble

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